Minutes of Steering Commitee 09/11/14

Category: Minutes and Motions
Published on Thursday, 20 November 2014
Written by Rich T
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Present: Steven, Kris, Jake, Hazel, Kelly, Sam, Simon, James

Apologies: Jenny

  1. Reports and actions

  • Women's meeting 29 November 
    Venue will be at the Chadwell healthy living centre
    We will email out the details and information about the meeting to the ISN membership. We will also ask pubs to put it on the website.
    We have money for travel costs so members from the north can afford to travel to London.
    We need people who do not identify as women to offer to run the crèche. 

  • Birmingham
    There is a joint ISN/Plan C branch in Birmingham. Not been any successful meetings yet, but hopefully some of the problems will be resolved and the branch can begin to function. There will be a discussion soon on Left Unity. 

  • London branch meeting - 22nd November 
    Meeting on capitalism and mental health is now a joint ISN/rs21 meeting.
    Marchmont community centre is the new venue for the event.

  • Joint rs21/ISN Bristol socialist caucus meeting 
    Successful meeting and film showing, lots of new people.

  • UCL rent campaign
    30th October there was a student assembly meeting about the problems of accommodation for students. Campaign has been launched, is quite successful at bringing in radical students across Camden. ACTION – Jake to set up a forum for students and people involved in “youth work”.

  1. Working with rs21

Steven reported on a possible meeting with rs21 and more collaboration around some joint work. 
It would be good to discuss joint initiatives in advance so that planning for them is more focussed.

  1. Arrangements for NMM

ISN changed date of meeting to the 24/25th January. Still clarifying which venue we can use.
The three conveners will come up with a proposal for the NMM (agenda, etc) to discuss at the SC. 
Discussed ideas for the NMM and what it should focus on. 

NOTE: First deadline for bulletins is the first of December. Members should be clear what is a resolution for voting on and what is a “think piece”.If it is a motion then please can members ensure that the paragraphs are numbered. 

  1. Functioning of Working Groups/Forums

Left Unity, Climate Change, Anti-racism and anti-fascism and Trade Unions working groups should be able to report and discuss their activities and future plans at the NMM.
Social movements, revolutionary organisation and socialist-feminism forums are getting established. Need a report from Tim on the forums.

Discussed the issue in the publications working group when a member of the group didn't want a pamphlet published. SC discussed what the powers and responsibilities of the publications working group is. 

ACTION: SC will ask for the Publications Working Group for a “constitution” to decide what its powers and parameters are.

ACTION: Agreed for Kris and Steven to clarify for the working groups that they should/can write an article for the bulletin.

ACTION: Sam's article to go on the website

  1. Left Unity

There will be a meeting of ISN members before the LU conference. LU working group to organise.

  1. How the SC is working

Agreed to have another face to face meeting in early December.

  1. AOB

Discussion on getting the Exchange up and running again. Who would be involved and how would we pay for it? Possibly have a special issue of the Exchange as a relaunch on the subject of socialist-feminism or on “what does it mean to be working class today?” People interested in trying to relaunch the journal should discuss it and report back next week.


15-16 November Left Unity national conference
29 November women's meeting
10-11 January rs21 national meeting
24-25 January possible ISN NMM.