IS Network steering committee teleconference minutes: 19-ix-2014

Category: Minutes and Motions
Published on Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Written by ISN
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IS Network steering committee teleconference minutes: 19-ix-2014

Present: Kris, Simon, Gary, Alison

Apologies: Jaavad, James

1. National Members' Meeting (NMM) agenda

Proposed agenda

10.00 Report back from priorities from previous meeting
10.20 Caucuses
11.40 Break
12.00 Caucus report backs
12.45 Politics and basis of the Network (content of bulletin 1 Simon and Mark pt 1+2)
13.30 Lunch
14.30 Politics and basis of the Network (content of bulletin 1 Simon and Mark pt 1+2)
15.15 Political priorities (content bulletin 2)
16.30 Break
16.45 Organising the Network (working groups meeting)
18.00 Finish

Final proposed agenda in bulletin#3. Suggestions, amendments and alternative agenda proposals welcome.

2. Ring rounds/building the NMM

Some ring rounds done - Simon to send text out to members.

Sheffield members held a discussion in the run-up to the national meeting and were joined by some Leeds/Bradford members.

3. Left Unity National Council - 20/09/2014

Proposed agenda 

1. Minutes of the June NC meeting and matters arising
2. Decisions from EC meetings for approval by NC
3. Political context discussion and campaigning priorities
4. Election sub-committee report and any related motions
5. Branch motions to NC
6. LU Wales Constitution for approval
7. Conference preparation report
8. Membership report
9. Finance report
10. Branch Development report
11. Paper from Disputes Committee
12. Correspondence

Simon is going - the main debates will be on the elections and the policy/national conference. ISN members felt that the 2000 membership figure to reorganise LU conference as delegate-based was set too low and the NC should work out how to abolish this constitutional point to free up the membership to attend the conference, perhaps as first order of business.

Simon also proposed a back up plan of calling for a two day conference, an open Saturday meeting and then a delegate only Sunday meeting.

Any alliance with TUSC means LU needs to bring up the point about rape apologists and perpetrators of domestic violence being involved in it.

4. People's Climate March Demonstration

On Sunday 21st there will be marches/protests in 148 cities across the world to coincide with UN Climate Summit in New York. There will be a march in London meeting at 12.30pm at Temple Place. 

5. Transphobia workshop

 The Transphobia workshop will be taking place on Saturday 20th from 1pm-5.30pm in the Ben Pimlott Building of Goldsmiths College, London.

6. Bulletin for NMM

Sunday 21st September is the deadline for the last bulletin.