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Meeting: Who makes the nazis? Fighting fascism today

Who makes the nazis? Fighting fascism today

hosted by International Socialist Network
Saturday 2nd August, 1pm,
University of London Union (ULU), Malet St, London WC1E 7HY

With the rise of UKIP and the emergence of a number of small but violent fascist groups like Britain First from the fragmenting of the English Defence League (EDL), new questions are facing activists trying to create a grassroots and vernacular anti-racist and anti-fascist culture. The International Socialist Network will be hosting an open discussion and debate on these issues, from organisation and tactics to anti-raids and migrant solidarity, in the hope of generating new ideas and forming links among anti-fascists.

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Kicking off in Rio: popular protest and the politics of the World Cup

Kicking off in Rio: popular protest and the politics of the World Cup

hosted by North London rs21 and IS Network

Tuesday 10th June,
Unity Church, 277 Upper Street, Islington, London

Brazil has seen huge attacks on its poor and a fightback from hundreds of thousands as two mega-events – the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 – inflict themselves on a country of huge inequalities. Writer Mike Marqusee and Rio resident Ali Sargent will talk about the politics of these “trojan horses for neoliberalism” and popular protest against them. North London rs21 and International Socialist Network London invite you to come and listen and join the discussion.



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Event: People’s Parliament – Beyond Capitalism?

What does resistance today tell us about the need to move beyond capitalism as we know it?




Luke Cooper (Author of Beyond Capitalism? The Future of Radical Politics)
Simon Hardy (Author of Beyond Capitalism? The Future of Radical Politics)
Lynne Segal (Professor, Birkbeck College)
Maia Pal (Academic, Occupy Sussex)
Chaired by John McDonnell MP

Please allow at least 15 minutes to come through Parliament security. The most convenient entrance to come in at is the St Stephens Entrance

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ISN National General Meeting 1 March 2014


Sheffield Hallam University

Saturday 1 March 11am–5.30pm

We will be holding our next national members’ meeting in Sheffield on Saturday 1 March. An agenda will be released shortly. Among the subjects we will be discussing are revolutionary regroupment, how best we relate to the newly formed RS21, recent debates inside the IS Network, Left Unity, and the environment. Any issues you would like to raise for the meeting or items for the agenda please email

The deadline for the next internal bulletin is Friday 14 February. Please email submissions to

Any motions for the meeting please email to Please lay out your motions in a simple bullet point format.

We will be providing childcare on the day. Could volunteers for the creche please email

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Secretary’s Conference Report

Secretary’s Conference Report

I have written a brief report regarding the organisation of the IS Network national meetings, based upon the experience of our recent Politics Conference, as well as drawing upon the lessons of our founding meeting and National General Meeting. This is by no means a definitive account, nor are any proposals contained set in stone; however, it is aimed to be a step towards a standard format and procedure for future meetings. The IS Network is itself a work in progress, and any systems and structures are, and should continue to be, under constant review. However, I believe an agreed-upon standard format is necessary in order to move away from organisation on the hoof, and also to set out parameters so that our democratic forums provide a space which is most conducive for political discussion. There were many issues raised during the conference itself and suggestions as to how to improve our meetings, most notably by the caucuses, but also by individuals. Other lessons became apparent in the course of organising the conference.

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Read more: Secretary’s Conference Report

IS Network Politics Conference

As announced earlier this week, the IS Network’s Politics Conference has been rearranged to be on the weekend of Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October, to take place in London. Details of the venue will be available soon.

Each day will start at 10am and finish at 5pm. We expect to have three or four sessions on each day, with breaks for refreshments and food. A more detailed timetable will be proposed by the conference arrangements committee and will be subject to approval or amendment by the conference itself.


Alison L from the National Steering Committee is heading the conference arrangements committee and is looking for volunteers from among the wider membership to join her. The job of the conference arrangements committee is to propose the agenda to conference and to collate and manage the submissions from members to ensure that discussion pieces and motions are included in the relevant sessions. If you’d like to help Alison to organise the conference, please email


We aim to provide a crèche facility. Please let us know as soon as possible if you think you may wish to take advantage of this. Please also let us know if you are able to help with organising and staffing a crèche by email to


We will be doing our best to help match up comrades needing accommodation with comrades who have a spare room/sofa/floor space. Let us know on internationalsocialistnetwork@gmail.comasap if you need help or if you can offer space.


To facilitate as wide a pre-conference discussion as possible and to ensure the proceedings of the Politics Conference are determined by members, we are encouraging members to submit contributions to two pre-conference bulletins.

To give a little extra time compared to what was announced earlier this week, the deadline for the first bulletin is 5pm on Sunday 22 September. Contributions will be published by email to members and on the IS Network’s website by the end of Monday 23 September. The deadline for the second bulletin is 5pm on Sunday 13 October and these further contributions will be published by the end of Monday 14 October.

Types of contributions might include:

  • Agenda proposals – Which subjects should be covered, how many, how long should each session be?
  • Reports – What has worked well in your locality and what less so?
  • Position papers – What should be our attitude to developing initiatives on the left, and within the organisations of the class?
  • Motions – proposals for action by the IS Network or changes to how we work
  • Discussion documents – What is the IS Network for? How do we see the current terrain of class struggle, and what do we aim to do within it?
  • Conference procedure – How will each session be conducted and concluded?
  • Theoretical debate – How much of what we describe as ‘our tradition’ remains relevant, and what do we need to rethink?

The above are just a few of the examples which have occurred to us – your contribution can be on any subject and follow any approach. Pieces can be of any length – as short as you like, as long as you think people will read.

Send your contributions to

The more contributions we receive before the first deadline of 5pm on Sunday 22 September, the more members will have to read, discuss and respond to in the second bulletin.

Get writing!

Steering Committee