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Donations and Payments

Donations and payments

Why We Need the Money: In a word “capitalism”. Until we win (and some ‘theoreticians’ might argue for a very short while after, but let’s not start all that here…) we need funds to support the Network’s regular and one-off activities.

The various online activities (hosting web sites, digital plumbing work and infrastructure) all cost us along with producing print-based materials (such as our forthcoming journal). We also produce leaflets, posters and pamphlets and of course need cash for venue bookings and, on occasion, to help comrades with travel costs.

We’ve done away with fixed ratios and subs levels in favour of a more realistic call on our members to “pay what they can afford”.

Having a regular income level means that we can plan ahead and do more with the limited funds we receive so if you can afford to make a regular commitment that’s by far the preferred option for supporting us. IS Network members receive regular reports on where we spend our money and there is are multiple arenas for raising questions and having them answered with regard to the group’s finances.

Thanks for your support.

If you can make a one-off payment then please click here.

If you are an IS Network member or you want to support the Network with regular donations then please complete the Direct Debit form here:

NB. Once you’ve given us a Direct Debit mandate (by clicking the button above) our Treasurer will be in touch to set up the amount, frequency and your preferred date for ongoing contributions.

We’re up and running!

The IS Network was able to pull together hundreds of revolutionary socialists in barely a fortnight. In a matter of weeks we were able to create a discussion forum, this web site, hold our first national meeting (with a host of international delegates), draft a constitution, elect working groups and begin the task of recreating a genuinely open, democratic and activist-led IS across the country.

No one would have chosen the particular circumstances that led to the IS Network’s formation but the first thing we discovered is that there is a great deal of enthusiasm for breaking with top-down, bureaucratic methods of organising within and debating the issues vital to the growth of our movement. We have big plans, starting with a range of public meetings across the country, coming very soon. We are keen to start work connecting with activists and trade unionists in the fight against austerity, and ambition isn’t something our supporters lack. Money, however, is.

We’ll be holding regional meetings in the coming weeks and we want to continue producing leaflets, pamphlets, posters, badges, books, e-books… the entire set of tools you’d expect from an organisation that doesn’t separate theory (for the ‘experts’) from practice (the ‘do-ers’). So if you’re broadly supportive of our aims then we’d ask for two things: To join us, and/or make a donation.

Soon we’ll be offering suggested contributions for those who want to be IS Network members, according to income. We’ll be offering subscriptions to our publications. But we need help to get started.

No amount is too small – or too big. If you’re in a position to help build a democratic, non-sectarian socialist movement, committed to women’s liberation, anti-racism, and the fight against environmental degradation, please consider donating what you can. Thank you.

“There’s never been a better time to be a revolutionary socialist!” (Lenin-ish)

If you can make a one-off payment then please click on the Paypal button [here]