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Bradford ISN Xmas Podcasts

Our bumper Christmas podcast (in two parts). Present were Javaad Alipoor, Brian Collier and Paris Thompson. We talk about the Crisis in the SWP, the forgotten socialist Tom McGuire, autonomism, disputes in the ISN, ecology and population and the student movement. The second podcast contains songs from Javaad Alipoor.

Xmas Podcast Pt.1 >>
Xmas Podcast Pt.2 >>

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Announcement: New IS Network discussion groups

The IS Network is launching some new email discussion groups for members to discuss different areas of activity they are involved in. This will hopefully help improve communication across the Network and contribute towards allowing members to self-organise across the country.

The following subjects currently have active groups:

  • Left Unity
  • Anti-fascism
  • Cactus

Each member should receive an email invitation as soon as a new group is launched. However, if you have not and would like to be included in any, or all, of the above discussions please email Tim Nelson and request that you be added. Feel free to email suggestions for other subjects you think would benefit from having a group set up.

Email Tim Nelson >>

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Ged Colgan and Paris Thompson: Proposal for IS Network conference

The last week has seen two interesting but quite fractious debates within the IS Network, firstly over the potential employment of a paid administrative assistant, and secondly over the Network’s intervention within the Left Unity project. Both arguments have highlighted certain underlying tensions within the Network that have yet to be resolved, specifically in three areas: how we conceive of the Network and what direction we wish to take it in, what positions the Network should take and policies it should pursue, and how we intervene as an organisation within the movement.

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Bristol IS Network: The paid worker debate – a proposal

Comrades have proposed that a paid worker is needed for the IS Network to carry out administrative and organisational tasks. We are grateful to Alison LKeith FChina Mand Tom W for outlining in detail in their ‘Parameters’ document the tasks that need to be carried out. Clearly a lot of time and thought has gone into drawing this up, and while it is of great use to know what jobs need to be done, we maintain that these do not require an employee to do them.

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IS Network and a temporary paid worker – a debate

A debate
1. Paris T’s statement
2. China M, Penny S, Richard S and Rosie W reply
3. Parameters Document
4. Tim N’s statement
5. Rosie W’s response

#1: Paris T’s statement

In recent weeks it’s become apparent that the IS Network Steering Committee has given serious thought to the employment of a Network paid employee. I would argue that at this stage the employment of a paid organiser would be a serious mistake, and is a short-term, bureaucratic response to problems which will need much more thoroughgoing political and organisational answers.

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IS Network Constitution


International Socialist Network (hereinafter referred to as IS Network)


We are a network of activists who believe that the present capitalist system, rooted in inequality, exploitation and oppression, and driven towards crisis, war and destruction of the environment, must be replaced by socialism: a system of real democracy and co-operative production for human needs.

Those who produce the wealth under capitalism – the working class – have the power to overthrow it. The emancipation of the working class can only be the act of the working class itself. We stand for the self-activity of the oppressed and exploited, and for socialism from below.