Teachers march on Bristol

Category: South West and Wales
Published on Wednesday, 26 March 2014
Written by Rich T
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As members of the National Union of Teachers went out on strike on March 26th demonstrations took place across the country. In Bristol this turned out to be the strongest demonstration in quite some time, with 800 people taking to the streets. What really felt like a positive change though was the composition of the demo, no longer populated by the same old lefty faces the demo saw young teachers, parents and children with flag and banner march through the city chanting and singing from the NUT chant sheet provided. The weather stayed dry and spirits were high and even the speeches were delivered with an added zing. Whilst criticism was levied at the lack of support from other unions the speakers kept up a fighting spirit. was also supported by SW TUC and the Trades Council, who normally don't bother.

The demonstration aproaches Castle Park