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Published on Monday, 11 March 2013
Written by Sussex and Brighton SWSS
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SWSSFollowing yesterday's Special Conference, we the undersigned members of Brighton and Sussex SWSS have decided to resign from the Socialist Workers Party. The experience of recent weeks has been profoundly disheartening to us all and we cannot reconcile those experiences with the fundamental tenets of women's liberation (feminism). We do not make light of this decision; however, we cannot continue as members in good conscience. We extend our solidarity to all those comrades who continue to defend the best of our tradition in the organisation and reaffirm our commitment to the cause of international socialism - fighting capitalist oppression in all its shapes and forms. We will continue to be active on our campuses and in our community, building campaigns alongside our comrades inside the SWP and elsewhere in the movement.

 Sussex University & Brighton University SWSS

Alaina B
Chris B
Hannah E
Ian L
Jess F
Martyn C
Lewis P
Mike R
Nick W